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The six distinct specialisms of Cratus Communications are highlighted in this section.

Cratus works within a wide range of policy areas, reflecting the diverse nature of the public sector at a local level.

No project we work on is ever the same, and as a consequence we offer a tailored approach to suit each client and project. There are however some key consistent themes that occur in many of our projects, and these are reflected in the six specialisms defined in this section.

One of the first discussions we have with a prospective client is centred on how they can contribute to local public services. We offer strategic advice as to how the client can shape and implement such ambitions. This is a bespoke service that draws on the background and experience of those in the Cratus team, and that of external input as necessary.

Our work then turns to supporting clients in developing a dialogue with the relevant decision-makers of local public services. This stage sees us assist our clients to align their expertise with local priorities and politics.

Much of the expenditure in the public sector relates to education, health and care, and we have a particular specialism in supporting clients with an interest in establishing a presence, or expanding within, these services.

Historically, Cratus has done much work in facilitating political and community engagement in relation to new homes and development, and this continues to be an important area in which we support clients.

This is complemented by helping to facilitate a dialogue between entrepreneurs and those involved in public bodies who can help deliver regeneration and commerce. We support clients in the private sector to discover and unlock these opportunities.

Finally, we specialise in campaigning and charities by championing the right causes at the right time. This is something we are very proud of at Cratus, and we continually strive to make a difference where it matters.

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