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Campaigning & Charities

History shows that championing a particular cause can make an irreversible positive change to society.

Some of the most effective campaigns have shaped the way we live today, but there is always much more that can be done to improve the lives of people, animals and the world in which we live. Whilst much of our work at Cratus is focused within the commercial world, we bring the same campaigning and communication zeal to helping worthwhile causes make their cases effectively. In short, we are committed to championing the right causes and helping to make a lasting difference.

Of course, campaigning does not only refer to charitable organisations. In line with our other work, we are well placed to help different types of clients to campaign for a change in policy they may wish to see. We are able to help these clients to make and articulate their case as effectively as possible.

Our campaigning work can be wide-ranging. Most recently, we have supported the British Nuclear Test Veterans in their campaign to secure recognition from the Government for the invaluable contribution they made during the 1950s and 1960s. This campaign, which involved supporting the association’s veterans in promoting their case to MPs, councillors and the media, has recently received recognition from the Prime Minister.

This is campaigning at its best, with the Cratus team drawing on skills honed during our time standing for election or organising election campaigns. Many of the team still put these skills to good use in more conventional campaigns, such as in local elections. This ensures that our campaigning techniques remain fresh and versatile, and these skills are transferable when supporting our clients in the charitable sector.

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