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Regeneration & Commerce

With the UK being such an attractive place to invest, the opportunities to secure lasting improvements to cities and towns across the country are immense.

Councils and local enterprise partnerships are increasingly setting the framework for how such regeneration and infrastructure takes place, through designating land for commercial use and working with the private sector. Cratus supports entrepreneurs in developing an effective dialogue with those involved in local decision-making, which in turn help to deliver investments along with a lasting contribution to individual communities.

In particular, we help our clients identify where opportunities may exist and how best to pursue them. For example, we might help a council or local enterprise partnership looking to attract inward investment with land and pump-priming funding opportunities. In such circumstances, we can help a client navigate local decision-making processes to ensure they are well placed to take advantage of such opportunities.

As another example, a client may wish to ensure their land is strongly placed to bring jobs and investment to a local area via commercial development. We support clients through the political and community journey to deliver their ambitions for such a site. This includes making the case for the land to be designated in the local development plan for commercial use, before fostering support from local leaders, influencers and decision-makers.

Many local authorities have set bold ambitions for securing regeneration, either to their area as a whole or to a specific site earmarked for a major mixed-use development. By stating their vision for these sites, local authorities are setting out a framework in which innovative and creative schemes should be welcomed. We help clients tailor any interest they may have in supporting the council in delivering regeneration in these locations. We do this primarily by assessing the political and corporate objectives for the local authority in question. More often than not, the provision of affordable housing is a key element of a mixed-use development.

Our starting position is that the creation of jobs and economic growth will always be welcome, but we also recognise that these positive benefits are often overlooked for a range of political and community factors. We therefore help clients address these political and community elements so that the benefits to the local area can be fully realised.

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