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Our purpose is to represent, guide and advise our clients so that they can work effectively with local government.

Local public bodies are setting the framework and shaping the patterns of growth in this country. While Westminster and Whitehall are regularly in the spotlight concerning legislation and policy, it is at the local level that many of the important decisions are being made.

At Cratus we recognise that every council is different. While there are some common themes and patterns between public bodies and the politics within them, it is often the local nuances and politically-focused priorities that will impact the approach we take.

Our background and experience in local public services allow us to support our clients with a unique perspective, helping them to tailor their approach to local circumstances and requirements.

Our deep understanding and bespoke analysis enables us to provide frank and realistic advice to our clients. This helps them, and us, to target resources and priorities to maximise effectiveness.

Cratus takes an ethical and transparent approach to its work, ensuring that any potential conflicts of interest are managed appropriately. We never compromise the integrity of ourselves, our clients or any of the organisations we liaise with. This is set out in our Code of Conduct.

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The #Conservatives have done it. But what does this mean for #Local #Government and the #HousingCrisis? Once #Brexit is perceived to be out of the way people are likely to look closer to home. Read our views, predictions and musing of things to come.
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Join us and hosts @ArcadisUK on Monday morning for a rundown on what the #ge2019 results to come mean for #localgovernment @CllrCoghill @HeatheratTheMJ @EdwardJDavey @S_Hammond @kingstonkilby @CllrCallaghan @LGAcomms - rsvp via
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There are a few bleary eyes in the office this morning after a busy night for those at counts and manning the social media. #GE2019 We are now looking at what this means for Local Government. If you want to know more - Get in touch
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