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Our world is local

Our World is Local: Cratus Engage

One thing that is certain about the COVID-19 pandemic is that nothing will be the same as before.

This is especially true of how we consult with local communities going forward. Whether it is for new development proposals or council strategies including Local Plans, ensuring innovative digital engagement is here to stay!

To help with this, Cratus has developed Cratus Engage – a digital engagement tool designed to work as part of a wider engagement strategy and consultation website offer.

“Given the current climate and uncertainty on the short to medium term impact on planning processes and committees this is as polished an attempt to navigate that world as I have seen…” Dan Cavanagh, Managing Director – London Strategic Land

A demo of the site is available for you to view here

At Cratus our ethos is ‘our world is local’, this defines us and drives everything we do. We recognise the importance of decision making at local level and our primary goal is to help clients navigate the process to secure results.

We are a political engagement and community consultation company. Established in 2009, born from our Chief Executive’s dedication to local government, Cratus is committed to creating and improving partnerships between local authorities, the private and third sectors.

Cratus has brought together a powerful cross-party team from the top of local government to provide insight and counsel to our clients as they work with emerging local government structures, as well as the wider public sector.

Let us help you navigate all things local

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